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'Powers' Is Coming To Television
By Patrick Oliver
September 22, 2011 - 12:00

Studios: Circle of Confusion, FX Productions, Sony Pictures Television
Writer(s): Brian Bendis, Mike Avon Oeming, Charles H. Eglee
Penciller(s): Mike Avon Oeming
Starring: Jason Patric, Alona Tal, Lucy Punch, Charles. S. Dutton, Bailee Madisson, Carly Foulkes
Directed by: Michael Dinner
Produced by: Brian Bendis, Michael Dinner, Charles H. Eglee, David Engel, Mike Avon Oeming
Release Date: 2012
Distributors: FX Network
Genre: Comic Book Adaptation


Micheal Dinner (Justified, Sons Of Anarchy, Bionic Woman) is set to helm the FX Network TV pilot episode of Powers the long running (and influential) Bendis and Oeming comic book series.  It was filmed in Chicago so there will be lots of recognisable landmarks for very many viewers. 


is a police procedural style comic book that deals with two detectives that investigate cases involving people with superhuman abilities, or powers for short.  One of the detectives, Christian walker was once a 'power' himself. This gives him a unique view of the superhuman community, but has also caused problems during investigations. It's fair to say Walker is bit of a 'man of mystery', as he has a long and varied past.


Jason Patric takes one of the lead roles as Christian Walker and Lucy Punch will play his partner (and foil) Deena Pilgrim (Hot Fuzz, Bad Teacher).  The versatile, Emmy Award winning Charles S Dutton is to play Captain Cross and relative newcomer, Carly Foules is to play Retro Girl.


I think this could be a good series. And with the people involved and FX Network's past record of quality shows like The Shield, Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck, The Riches and Damages to name but a few, means I have faith in this project and am hoping for a ratings hit. Now, I'll readily confess to there being an element of selfishness in that statement on my part, because I'd love to see it picked up and broadcast in Europe too!


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