Watchmen's Modern Nite Owl
By Hervé St-Louis
Feb 21, 2009 - 11:11

$24.99 US


The modern Nite Owl action figure is based on the movie version of the character appearing in the comic book series The Watchmen published by DC Comics in 1986-7 created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Retired socialite Dan Dreiberg is the second Nite Owl and a man who can only find fulfilment in life when he dresses up as a super hero. He created the owl ship used by him and other super heroes to travel the world. This is the first Nite owl action figure, as unlike other characters such as Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre, visuals of an action figure were never released to the public.


Of course, this action figure is based on the Watchmen film which features a modernized costume for Nite Owl. His costume seems to be made of a mesh material mimicking feathers. Nit Owl is also combines features from the comic book Nite owl but also the Post Crisis Owl Man from the Crime Syndicate. His feathery cape is straight from Gibbons’ design, while his helmet is reminiscent of the Owlman.


Sculpted by James Schoop, Owlman is a great classically build action figure. Unlike the Rorschach action figure, he is easily posable and can stand on his own without an action figure stand. He is also not built into a specific pose, limiting his usage. He has one feature which I find interesting. His neck cowl also covers his neck, but still allows his head to rotate freely. If I have a complaint about this toy, it’s the removable crescent that’s attached to his belt. It falls off often and doesn’t remain in his hands easily. Nite owl is considerably taller than Ozymandias.


Like other Watchmen action figure, Nit Owl cost me 40% more than previous DCDirect action figures. This is something that I find appalling and a cheap opportunity for DCDirect and retailers to gauge their customers.




Rating: 9.5/10

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