DC Comics
Review: Nightwing #32
By Philip Schweier
Nov 1, 2017 - 4:25

DC Comics
Writer(s): Tim Seeley
Penciller(s): Scot Eaton, Miguel Mendonca
Inker(s): Wayne Faucher, Diana Egea
Colourist(s): Chris Sotomayer
Letterer(s): Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Artist(s): Javier Fernandez, Chris Sotomayer; Yasmine Putri

Nightwing #32 is an interesting character study, reminding me of the classic encounter between Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. Both men are quite brilliant, each knowing the other so well that they can psychologically anticipate their own conversation. So it is with Nightwing and Raptor, as they play blackjack and psychoanalyze one another. One points out the other’s individual shortcomings, desires, sins and motives for redemption.

Raptor applies the Sun Tzu strategy of knowing one’s enemy, while Nightwing thinks more like a detective, building a narrative for events based on evidence and testimony of witnesses. But rather than serve as a 21-page conversation, additional layers are added to the overall story, in the form of asides with tourists and casino employees, as well as a sub-plot involving the Run-Offs. Over-used and under utilized as the team is, it appears they have finally made a conscious effort to let their actions define their identity, rather than the reverse.

I am very impressed with this story, and am convinced that ongoing writer Chris Sotomayer can uncover literary gems in his writing. However, he has rarely done so in the time I’ve been reviewing Nightwing. Perhaps that his own limitations, or having to follow the editorial edicts of DC Comics. I couldn’t begin to guess, but as a reader, I would like to see more.

Artwork by Eaton, Mendonca, Faucher, and Egea seems excessive, having four artists on a single issue. But with the breakneck speed of the Rebirth titles, all-hands-on-deck seems necessary to meet the goals DC has set. If it takes that many hands to meet the publication schedule, I’m in favor of it. It’s a business, after all.

Rating: 8/10

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