European Comics
Michel Vaillant – Johnny Bullet’s Predecessor?
By Hervé St-Louis
November 29, 2014 - 00:00

I had this comic book on my mind for a while. It was called Ric Hochet. I read a few episodes as a kid. For some reasons, I associated it with Johnny Bullet. So when I searched for it, all I could think about was Michel Vaillant, another European comic book series. Ric Hochet was about an investigative reporter who got in trouble, much like Tintin. But Michel Vaillant was a Formula One race car driver, much like Johnny Bullet! I inverted the roles, so looking for Ric Hochet,  I found Michel Vaillant. It was an amazing surprise. I’ve probably encountered him somewhere although I know I never read any of his stories. But his background story was similar to what I’m doing right now with Johnny Bullet. I’m not sure if I’ll ask for a Michel Vaillant collection for Christmas. I’m tempted. But I don’t want this comic book to influence me anymore on Johnny Bullet! We’ll see. In any case, I call it pure coincidence!

Michel Vaillant was created in 1957 by Frenchman Jean Graton. His Son Philippe Graton continues the comic book series along with a dedicated production team today. Rick Hochet, first appearing in 1955. He was created by French cartoonist Tibet and Belgian writer André-Paul Duchâteau.

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