DC Comics
Lucifer #16
By Avi Weinryb
Mar 16, 2017 - 23:59

DC Comics
Writer(s): Richard Kadrey
Artist(s): Lee Garbett
Colourist(s): Antonio Fabela
Letterer(s): Todd Klein
Cover Artist(s): Lee Garbett

Quick confession: I have not been following the new Lucifer series at all, so this review is coming from very fresh eyes.

The Lucifer from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series has a new solo series after a successful 75-issue run. Clocking in at issue #16 of volume #2, we find the former ruler of hell arming himself with the mystical sword that used to guard Eden. His trusted fellow angel Gabriel at his side, he is prepared to destroy a god (not THE god). Meanwhile, the humans in Lucifer’s life find themselves in various entanglements and Mazikeen, Lucifer’s former sidekick and newly appointed ruler of Hell, is threatened by a woman who seeks to usurp her power. A specter of Mazikeen prepares to destroy her, but if Lucifer can find and destroy the threatening false god, the source of his ire, perhaps Mazikeen will have a chance.

The artwork by Lee Garbett is just perfect, with fully realized beasts, humans and angels, all with evocative expressions and strong detail. Every page is attractive and competently composed. Whether a cat-like man is puffing on a cigarette or the former ruler of Hell is being bitten on the ankle by baby golems, there’s always something fun to see.

Richard Kadrey’s script is a fully realized exposure to another world. Reliant on what has come before, it was a challenge to follow the constellation of characters, but as the latest installment in a series - and an eventual collection - it’s solid, good fun. No-one is safe as long as evil roams freely. But for Lucifer, there isn’t much to do but take it all in.

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