DC Comics
Review: Justice League/Power Rangers #3
By Philip Schweier
March 28, 2017 - 14:01

DC Comics
Writer(s): Tom Taylor
Artist(s): Stephen Byrne
Colourist(s): Stephen Byrne
Letterer(s): Deron Bennett
Cover Artist(s): Karl Kerschl

Remember the Justice League of the Silver/Bronze Age, the team would be faced with a crisis, and split up into smaller team to tackle various facets of the threat. This almost happens here, as a variety of monsters from the Saban universe invade the world of our DC heroes. The JLA calls on all members and associates such the Teen Titans (Cyborg used to be a Titan, remember?) only to discover the threat is far greater than they anticipated.

It seems only fair that since the Rangers came to “our” universe, now the Justice League must journey to theirs. Opening a hole in the fabric of space-time is dicey at best, and it will take more than the Flash’s speed to make it happen.

Stephen Byrne’s artwork is adequate, but in some instances perhaps a little off-model. It’s almost as if he hasn’t quite mastered his facial expressions. But I love the cartoony simplicity of the artwork on this project, reinforcing these events occur within the DC Animated universe. Not a bad prospect.

I am uncertain how many issues this series will be; probably the obligatory six, but the narrative has moved along at a reasonable clip, so perhaps the ending will come sooner rather than later. I don’t mind either way, so long as there is a minimum of padding.