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Pick The New Johnny Bullet Font
By Hervé St-Louis
Apr 7, 2015 - 15:12

Hello. Here are the fonts that I would like to get for Johnny Bullet. I'm posting the images here so that you can pick the one that you would like to see featured in the comic. I picked these fonts based on many criteria, including proper support for French-language lettering.

Drop me a message bellow in the comments with your pick. Next week, I'll count all the votes and I'll get the font chosen by most people for future Johnny Bullet comics.

Unfortunately, I could not test all of the fonts with actual texts from the comics. I didn't want to bug Comicraft and Blambot, the designers responsible for crafting the fonts.

Thank you for participating!

Manga Master

© Copyright Blambot

Blambot FX Pro

© Copyright Blambot

Duty Calls

© Copyright Blambot

Blambot  Casual

© Copyright Blambot

Hundred Watt

© Copyright Blambot

Adam Kubert International

© Copyright Comicraft

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