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Indigo Dax - A New LGBT-Friendly Sci-Fi Comic
By The Editor
May 2, 2016 - 13:21

Writer(s): Bryan Pierce
Penciller(s): Bryan Pierce

Indigo Dax follows the story of Dax, the Prince of Casseria. The Scorpion Empire is about to invade Earth, when Dax receives a message from a Casserian living on Earth. He rushes to Earth and puts his ship in-between Earth and the Scorpion Armada. However, Supreme Lord Kesarex of the Scorpion Empire decides he’d prefer Earth be destroyed rather than lose to Dax. So he orders half of his fleet to crash into Dax’s ship causing all of their ships to crash into Earth. Dax realizes if he’s going to save Earth, he has to send all of the ships back in time. The Casserians and Scorpions caught in the temporal wake are thrown throughout history, and Dax’s ship is the asteroid that destroys the dinosaurs. Powerful beings are created in the past, that have implications for the future of Earth and the galaxy in the present timeline.

“I created this comic book, because it’s about time there was a serious scifi/fantasy story featuring a leading gay character,” said Bryan Pierce. “While there are a growing list of LGBT characters in comic books, currently, I don’t think there are any gay male lead characters. Most are part of an ensemble cast. More importantly, while we do focus on LGBT issues, the fact that Dax is gay is not the focus of the comic book. It’s simply a fact of life for him. As a gay man, it was important to show that a gay character experiences life, drama, and challenges just like everybody else. At the same time, I wanted to show a realistic view of how gay people are treated by society, and the challenges that gay people have to overcome.”

To celebrate the launch of the Indigo Dax comic book, is giving away 1000 copies. Each week, for five weeks (April 17-May 21, 2016), 200 people will be chosen to receive a free copy of the Indigo Dax Graphic Novel ($25.00 Value).  

To enter go to:

As a complement to the Indigo Dax story a free game, played on Facebook, was released along side the comic book. Players of the game, play through 25 unique levels that tell the backstory of the comic book.

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