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Harbinger #9 Review
By Andy Frisk
February 19, 2013 - 20:41

Valiant Entertainment
Writer(s): Joshua Dysart
Penciller(s): Pere Perez
Inker(s): Pere Perez
Colourist(s): Ian Hannin
Letterer(s): Rob Steen
Cover Artist(s): Mico Suayan and Khari Evans

Peter Stancheck and his group of rogue psiots, including their (soon to be) newest member Torque, are at the mercy of Project Rising Spirit's Mr. Tull. The only member of Peter's group that has any chance of saving them is the one psiot that is already getting written off by the bad guys...Faith Herbert/Zephyr. They might not want to write her off so quickly though, as Faith, despite all of her juvenile silliness, appears to have the heart of a true hero...

Writer Joshua Dysart delves into the back story of one of the most unique and realistic superhero characters ever created. Her story is a mix of tragedy, humor, and heroism mixed with a heavy dose of respect for geek culture and our, as readers, beloved hobby, comic book collecting. Zephyr is a lovable comic relief that is more than just the series' comic relief. Her story is the story of anyone who dreamed of overcoming their own personal tragedies while never losing site of a vibrant love of life.

Zephyr isn't the only character who gets elaborated upon in this issue though. Kris Hathaway, Peter's childhood crush who has gotten caught up with his rogue group of Harbingers displays that even though she has no psiot powers, she is easily the brains of the group. Her exchange with Mr. Tull, as he holds her captive, is not only priceless, it's brilliant.

Artist Pere Perez (Smallville Season 11) handles the artistic chores this issue and his crisp, clear, and sharp lines bring a more traditional look to Harbinger than we've seen thus far with Khari Evans' art. Both artists' styles are beautiful, but Evans' is more suited to the dark, at times frightening, and philosophically and socio-politically heavy tales that Dysart often weaves. Perez's lighter style is perfect for Zephyr's origin story, even though it does have its dark side.

Overall, Harbinger remains one of the best monthly comics published. If you aren't reading this book then you are missing out on superhero tales done, not only right, but brilliantly.  

Rating: 8/10

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