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Digital Comics as Eco Comics?
By The Editor
December 20, 2013 - 12:26

Pioneering comic book and graphic novel publisher Eco Comics today announced that it has received its second consecutive Green Apple Award.

Eco Comics was presented with its prestigious trophy during a special award ceremony at the House of Commons, Palace of Westminster in London.

The award - presented by the Green Organisation - recognises, rewards and promotes environmental best practice both in the UK and internationally.

Eco Comics said: "Last year we won bronze, which was fantastic, but this time we have been awarded the gold.

"It is rewarding to receive some recognition for our approach of green, paperless graphic literature.

"Some people initially seemed reluctant to change from print, or to face up to the negative impact of global deforestation caused by paper production. But once they saw the quality of both story and digital presentation, they came round.

"Our mantra is to produce the most entertaining stories possible, in identical format to mainstream print titles. That ours are paperless-exclusive and available on all manner of digital platforms is the icing on the cake.

"Paperless is the future of the medium, and Eco Comics is proud to be leading the way."

To celebrate its Green Apple Awards, Eco Comics has released a free comic book starring such names as Dracula, Robin Hood, Tough Guy, and official mascot of the publisher, the Green Man.

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