DC Comics
Review: Detective Comics #1003
By Philip Schweier
May 8, 2019 - 07:26

DC Comics
Writer(s): Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller(s): Brad Walker
Inker(s): Andrew Hennessy
Colourist(s): Nathan Fairbairn
Letterer(s): Rob Leigh
Cover Artist(s): Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Nathan Fairbairn; Mark Brooks

It seems a busy time to be a Batman fan. Gotham just wrapped up, Detective Comics hit the landmark 1,000th issue, and a new title is launched this very week. But the Caped Crusader has become such an archetype, that even the most casual of fans needs very little prompting as to his back story and motivations.

So when Robin is featured in the latest issue of Detective Comics, it feels so very natural and refreshing, even though it is Damian rather than Dick. Yes, I am a crusty old fart who pines for the good old days, but I’ve become more comfortable with Dick is now Nightwing, and Damian is Robin. It’s enough to make me overlook that terrible detour in the late 1980s.

Artists Walker and Hennessy characterize the Dynamic Duo in ways that are both iconic and refreshing. Not an easy task, when attempting to do so can seem forced and old hat. Instead, they elevate Tomasi’s storytelling in a way that seems innovative yet familiar. As for the secret behind the Arkham Knight, I won’t spoil it here but I must admit I was agreeably surprised, and am looking forward to more.


I’ll admit I was skeptical when this story arc began in Detective Comics #1,000, but that’s mainly because DC couldn’t seem to allow that issue to be a standalone. The story has become more engaging, and so long as it doesn’t drag on too much longer, I’m eager to see where it leads.


Rating: 8/10

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