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Buffy The Vampire Slayer : Season Eight #13
By Hervé St-Louis
April 5, 2008 - 08:20

Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Drew Goddard
Pencils: George Jeanty
Inks: Andy Owens

Dracula’s powers are been used by a pair of Asian vampires and one of Buffy’s slayer, Japanese girl Aiko is on their trail. Xander and Renée are off to Transylvania to ask Dracula himself if he knows anything about the situation. But Dracula is angry at the Asian vampires’ actions and his retribution may prove to be violent for all who step in the way between him and the Asian vampires. Can Buffy and her army of slayers resist for long?

Not being familiar with the world of Buffy, it took me a while to piece all elements together. The story was interesting, but not understanding what was happening and what all these characters who seem to know each other was a problem. This comic book broke a major rule. Always write as if it was your reader’s first issue ever.  Right now, there are issues brewing with Buffy’s army, but with the constant name drop, it’s difficult to piece everything at once. Reading this book, if you are not familiar with Buffy will make you feel like you’re left out of a clique. There was a little humour with Dracula and Renée, and that made knowing about these characters and this universe more enjoyable.

It’s hard to tell the many girls apart. They all have the same physique and silhouette of Buffy. So when the characters are drawn for far, one is not sure about who’s speaking. But the art and inking were enjoyable because the inker made the characters’ features crispier than Jeanty’s usual renderings.

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