Marvel Comics
Black Panther #29
By Hervé St-Louis
September 6, 2007 - 02:27

Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Reginald Hudlin
Penciller(s): Francis Portela
Inker(s): Victor Olazaba
Cover Artist(s): Arthur Suydam

The zombified Luke Cage has eaten whole battalions of Skrulls and his making his way toward the Fantastic Four. But in a last ditch attempt, the Skrull leaders order soldiers who have gained the powers of the original Fantastic Four to hold off Cage, while a plan can be hatched. However, it’s all for nothing as new people are becoming zombies. Can the Fantastic Four stop the zombies and the Skrull to find a way to the dimension where there are no zombies?

By now this storyline feels like a summer vacation for the Fantastic Four and readers. Hudlin has decidedly stopped writing complicated stories with several undertones of meaning to concentrate on a what if scenario. I found myself caring for the original Fantastic Four hoping they would not get affected or eaten or in any way threatened by the zombies. Zombies will do that to you. You’re always hoping a few survivors will make it.

Portela’s artwork is improved from previous issues. His work is crisp and dynamic. There are a few scenes where he can show his control of facial expressions, although that’s not his strength. He’s an artist worth watching.

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