DC Comics
Review: Action Comics #988
By Philip Schweier
Sep 27, 2017 - 10:29

DC Comics
Writer(s): Dan Jurgens
Artist(s): Ryan Sook
Colourist(s): Hi-Fi
Letterer(s): Rob Leigh
Cover Artist(s): Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, Jason Wright; Neil Edwards, Jeremy Cox

Yes, Mr. Oz has been revealed to be Jor-El, Superman’s Kryptonian father. How is this possible, you may ask? Well, in my opinion, it isn’t. I don’t recommend anyone taking what Jor-El says at face value.

Allegedly, at the moment of Krypton’s destruction, Jor-El was somehow whisked away, to Earth, coincidentally. Recovering from the destruction of one planet and the re-entry into another’s atmosphere in a nameless Middle Eastern nation run by a warlord, he became convinced of the corruption of humans. Gee, Jor, seeing as how you’re Kryptonian and have super-powers, did it ever occur to you do something decisive about the evil warlord?

Jor-El intends to enlighten his son regarding the planet he has chosen to protect, in the hopes that Kal-El will take another approach in his service to mankind. I can only presume that involves some form of either subjugation or abandonment.

I always enjoy revisiting Krypton, regardless of how it is depicted. I love those old Wayne Boring and Curt Swan designs, but today, it’s like comparing Buster Crabbe’s Flash Gordon with Star Trek: Discovery. There’s a world of difference.

I’m looking forward to subsequent issues, to see how Jor-El’s unmasking (assuming he is an imposter) comes about. If he’s not a phonus balonus, then Superman as a concept has indeed gone off the rails, and those Curt Swan stories are more precious than ever.

Rating: 5/10

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