Microsoft Launches 60GB Xbox Live Starter Pack
By Eli Green
October 28, 2008 - 15:15

Microsoft announced the launch of a new Xbox 360 accessory pack today that could be a good buy for gamers Xbox 360 Arcade owners, some of whom are likely regretting the purchase of that model instead of the Xbox 360 Premium/Pro or Xbox 360 Elite. Since the Xbox 360 Arcade isn't packaged with all of the accessories the Premium/Pro or Elite models are – no hard drive, no Ethernet cable, no headset – Xbox 360 Arcade owners can often miss out on a lot of extra options that are available in a number of games. Sometimes, they may not even be able to play specific games, if they require the hard drive.

The new 60GB Xbox Live Starter Pack should remedy that issue, at a price that isn't bad at all. Priced at $99.99 USD/$109.99 CAD, about the same price as the 20GB Xbox 360 hard drive was originally going for on its own, the 60GB Xbox Live Starter Pack includes everything you need to get online and playing games over Xbox Live (at least wired). Inside you get a 60GB hard drive, the Xbox 360 wired headset, a three month Gold subscription to Xbox Live and an Ethernet cable.

With the new Pack, Xbox 360 Live Arcade owners, or other Xbox 360 users who need another hard drive, headset and Ethernet for whatever reason (and there are good reasons, like having an extra headset for multiplayer), will have a considerably larger amount of storage space for their games and media at a price that isn't to much of a premium when compared to just buying the Xbox 360 Premium/Pro on its own. In fact, when calculated out, you save a penny by purchasing an Xbox 360 Arcade and the 60GB Xbox Live Starter Pack instead of the Xbox 360 Premium/Pro, except in Canada, where the total cost would come to $309.98 CAD. The only thing you lose on the whole deal is the component cable.

So if you're regretting having purchased the Xbox 360 Arcade instead of putting down the extra cash for the Premium/Pro, or if you know looking to surprise someone who owns an Xbox 360 Arcade with a great holiday gift, the 60GB Xbox Live Starter Pack should be a good choice, at a decent price. For an even better price, at least for Americans, the Canadian Dollar recently dropped even lower, so the Pack would cost approximately $85.79 USD for Americans who purchase it in Canada.


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