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Johnny Bullet #88 Comic

By Hervé St-Louis
September 4, 2016 - 11:54

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     Written by : Hervé St-Louis
     Pencilled by : Hervé St-Louis
     Inked by : Hervé St-Louis
     Letterered by : Hervé St-Louis

Hello. First, I want to thank my patrons, Kevin, Jack, Andy, and Leroy.

Today’s strip is important because it ends what I have been referring to as the Cross Roads storyline and the first volume of the future Johnny Bullet printed comic. At 88 pages, this is like a four-issue mini-series plus several bonus pages.

Speaking of bonus pages, there will be one next week that non-Patreon supporters can access, provided they answer another one of my readers’ survey. The surveys help figure out to make the comic better and how to plan for the printed editions properly.

I am not ready to release the first printed volume of Johnny Bullet. I am waiting to complete my PhD at the University of Toronto in human-computer interaction, before I commit to releasing a Johnny Bullet book. I am in my last year and hard at work weekdays. Printing Johnny Bullet will be my reward after I am done with my studies. It is always very tempting to print it but a PhD is not something to mess with. It is important research and I have incredible support from my committee, my family, my friends, my peers and my Faculty, the Faculty of Information. I’m am asking questions that have not been asked before, and many people are excited to see where it leads.

Johnny Bullet has contributed to my research by giving me an outlet to get more creativity and also obtain more direct results and feedback from my work. Working on this comic has helped my work life balance and increased my productivity and commitment to my doctoral research. It may sound odd to claim that taking weekends off to work on a comic improve the work that you do weekdays. But it does. I was not as effective in my work, before I started working on Johnny Bullet.

I have learned an incredible amount of things from working on this comic. You will notice that I am a better cartoonist than when I started. I’m much faster too and plan my work better. Everybody who knows me well, knows that Saturdays are Johnny Bullet days and that it is all I am willing to do. No parties, no restaurants, no movies, no sports. Just drawing Johnny Bullet!

If you have struggled with reading a web comic, now that this story is complete, you can easily go back to strip #1 and read an entire story up to now. It will make much more sense if read all at once. This is one of the few drawbacks of web comics. Johnny Bullet is a bit unusual even for a web comic because it is also a comic strip. Comic strips are not like comic books. The stories do not flow the same way.

Speaking of stories, Johnny Bullet is hardly done! After the bonus page next week, which is an epilogue to the first storyline, I will start a new story, or rather continue to deal with a lot of the older subplots introduced in the first storyline. We will learn a lot more about Johnny Bullet, his past, and what motivates him. We’ll also deal head on with Doug’s murder. Johnny went to Cross Roads to escape something. We’ll find out what it is!

For the print version, I will colour all of the four stories. I could not find a suitable colourist who could do the watercolour colouring that I sought. I’ll do it myself. But this will take a long time, so that’s another reason why the printed version of the Johnny Bullet’s first adventures won’t be collected for a while. If you are a colourist capable of doing watercolours, reach out to me!

I will see you next week with that bonus page.


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