Johnny Bullet
DC Comics
Hawkgirl # 55
By Koppy McFad

August 28, 2006 - 03:35

Publisher(s): DC Comics
Writer(s): Walter Simonson
Penciller(s): Howard Chaykin
Cover Artist(s): Howard Chaykin


Hawkgirl tries to deal with the seeming return of a decrepit Hawkman even as she is stalked by a mysterious foe who walks around butt-naked throughout the entire issue. And yes, "butt-naked" is the proper term here as the creators of this book make no effort to hide that evil rear-end from the readers. The frequent full-moon shots smack of gimmickry and are enough to make one long for the days of the comics code. The story, while interesting, is still rather fragmented, making it hard to tell what is happening. Chaykin's art is eye-catching and not merely because he puts Kendra in lingerie again. But many of the action sequences are poorly-framed, particularly the crucial scene where Hawkgirl improvises to use an ancient weapon to defeat her foe. It may be that Chaykin simply isn't suited to do old-fashioned superheroics.

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