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Johnny Bullet #48 Comic

By Hervé St-Louis
November 8, 2015 - 22:32

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     Written by : Hervé St-Louis
     Pencilled by : Hervé St-Louis
     Inked by : Hervé St-Louis
     Letterered by : Hervé St-Louis

It’s funny because this week the comments came much later than the actual page! I’ve been a bit busy with work. Again, I want to say thank you to all of you for reading Johnny Bullet. I want to address a concern of many people who are not yet accustomed to reading and following web comics.

Many of you are new to web comics. You may read comics regularly but just not on the Web. Following the threads of Johnny Bullet is often a challenge. There’s not much I can do until I an release one complete volume of the first adventures of Johnny Bullet. Web comics require time investment.You have to follow a Web series regularly. It’s a slower process than reading a regular comic. It takes months to complete one story.

If you skip strips and weeks of new material, you’ll quickly find that you’re confused about what’s happening. There is no other way to follow a web comic and get the most out of it than by reading regularly, as soon as a new page comes up. For many of you, still used to the print world, it’s not usual. I know that you want to support me and Johnny Bullet but it’s tough.  

Johnny Bullet makes a lot of sense if read weekly or all at once. To help you achieve this goal, I’ve made an RSS feed that is easy to subscribe to. A RSS feed can help you stay up to date. If used within your email app, it will send you a notification every time a new page is available. But you have to click on the link and read the comic. I also try to publish Johnny Bullet the same day of the week so that you know when to expect a new page.

If you are not used to committing to web comics, all you can do is wait for me to publish Johnny Bullet as a book. I don’t have enough material to support a full print copy as of now. I want to get at least 88 pages of stories plus the bonus pages that only Patreon supporters can see now. I’m working on such an extra bonus page right now.

Another thing that I have tried to do is to offer introductory pages throughout the story that help new readers jump in the story. Page 23 and 45 are introductory pages. Another way to fully engage with Johnny Bullet is to reread everything starting with page one. There are not too many pages in the comic yet to make reading it all online overwhelming.

Let me know what else I can do to help you read Johnny Bullet.



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