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Mighty Avengers #1

By Scott Kerbs
March 14, 2007 - 04:24

With the Civil War in the rearview mirror, Marvel scribe Brian Michael Bendis is set to deliver his second, monthly Avengers series.  I must admit, I’ve been salivating at the concept behind Mighty Avengers. The premise is simple enough- In order to forge a symbol of perseverance in the wake of The Civil War, newly-appointed S.H.I.E.L.D. Director, Tony Stark, must hand pick an all new team of Avengers. Ushering in a new age of the Earth’s mightiest heroes, Iron Man chooses Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) to lead the new troop and assist in the selection of a suitable team. This new roster is an intriguing assortment, ranging from legendary to obscure.  With the inclusion of Ares, Sentry, Ms. Marvel, Wonder Man, Black Widow, Wasp, and Iron Man himself, writer Brian Michael Bendis has assembled a promising cast of Marvel's finest. Mighty Avengers #1 joins the newborn team as they band together to defeat a rather iconic Marvel villain. Throughout the issue, the reader is offered a handful of in-depth flashbacks recounting Iron Man and Ms. Marvel’s selection process for each team member. 
Brian Michael Bendis is infamous when it comes to forging brilliant character chemistry. By selecting such a diverse group of heroes, Bendis creates many promising possibilities for the Marvel Universe. Of course, the inevitable battle between The New Avengers and their Mighty counterparts is looming, but I certainly can see this title having a further impact on current Marvel continuity. Will we see an eventual merger of the two Avengers teams? Will one team completely dismantle the other? Who knows, it looks like we’re just going to have to wait and see what Bendis dreams up. Moving on, it is nearly impossible to analyze the writing of Brian Michael Bendis’ without mentioning his quirky use of dialogue. Bendis’ signature style of witty discourse pours through the pages of Mighty Avengers.  I have a hard time believing that any other book would allow readers to witness Ms. Marvel jokingly label Wasp an” unbelievable tramp”.   However, this title truly shines throughout the team selection flashbacks featuring Iron Man and Ms. Marvel. These two personalities simply jell nicely. Bendis offers a glimpse into the psyche of these two Marvel legends by ditching the increasingly stale text box in favor of the long forgotten thought balloon. This allows for a simultaneous taste of unspoken thought without interrupting the flow of the narrative. It may be blatantly obvious, but I truly enjoyed this new take on Marvel's most prolific super-team. If you are a fan of the Avengers, or just a connoisseur of appetizing dialogue and action, don’t miss out on what is the most refreshing Avengers story in recent years.
Don’t be fooled, Brian Michael Bendis is not the only talented member of the Mighty Avenger's creative team. Artist Frank Cho delivers the goods as well. Cho utilizes a fair amount of detail in his pencils while maintaining an underlying “classic Avengers” feel throughout the entire book. I hate to gush, but Cho’s Ms. Marvel is probably the best I’ve seen to date. Cho portrays her in a feminine light yet manages to preserve an aura of authority around the new leader. If that weren’t enough, Cho spices up the panels with a sultry take on Janet Van Dyne (Wasp), a classic version of the deadly Black Widow, and a genuinely intimidating adaptation of Ares. Frank Cho’s art alone is worth the price of admission.



Rating: 10 /10

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