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By Hervé St-Louis
August 31, 2014 - 14:16

It’s an ebook that will help you craft that business plan and understand how to promote and sell your comics successfully. I’m returning to this series of articles and can finally provide the whole experience. If you are familiar with this series of articles, you’ll recall that I started in 2006. It took me a while to complete with grad school and life getting in the way!  I’ve decided to charge for it now. I’m busy and I have to admit that I should be a bit selfish with my expertise. ComicBookBin has helped thousands of comic book creators promote their comics since 2002. Others have copied my articles on the business plan for comics. They have altered the contents and sold them to entrepreneurs without my consent. You should learn from the source...

I’m putting on the final touches on the series on business plans for comic book publishers and creators. The sections on Sales Management, Operations, Human Resources, Finances, and Risk Management are new. Then, there is the last chapter where I present a business plan for a sample comics property. Working on my Web comic series Johnny Bullet, I have just the right material.

I’ve also rewritten the whole series on business plans where we focus on the marketing plan. I wrote the original before Kickstarter, Twitter and Facebook were around. I'm also sharing insights I’ve had teaching undergraduate students about crafting social media campaigns. If you’ve read the original articles, you will know what to expect from the completed Business Plan for Comics Series. Of course, I've corrected typos and fixed the grammar. The updated material uses my Web comic Johnny Bullet for case studies. That's simplified and relatable way to read about business plans. As I’m about to launch the Web comic soon, you’ll see how I handle the promotion of my work. You can observe what I’m doing but having read the actual business plan will provide you with valuable knowledge.

The material on Sales Management, Operations, Finances and Risk Management is the toughest to write about and less exploratory. It’s a bit more technical and usually of lesser interest than the flashy marketing stuff. Yet, it’s the fundamentals that matter. You will not find resources geared towards comics so thoroughly written and specific. That’s not the kind of information shared freely. My take builds on lengthy experience and a lot of mistakes, trial and error done in the past. If you find reading about finances and sales difficult, you might as well read about it on the context of a Web comic project.

By the end of the ebook, you should be able to craft your own business plan, understand the basics of marketing, sales, and finances. As you craft your own plan, you will best understand how to maximize opportunities for your own work.

The whole eBook is only $49. Real experience in a easily consumed packaged and written just for creative comic book people. Pre-order it through Paypal now!

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