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Lt. Falcon G.I. Joe Classified Action Figure Review

By Hervé St-Louis

Vincent R. "Falcon" Falcone was the star of the 1987 G.I. Joe animated movie where it was revealed that he was Duke’s brother. Brash and not good with following rules, his journey in the film was that of redemption but also a signal that Hasbro wanted to replace older characters such as Duke with new heroes. The name Falcon was coined as the character was originally meant to be the son of General Hawk, but that idea was abandoned in favour of being Duke’s brother. In the comics, Falcon had a more measured role where Larry Hama introduced him as the leader of an illegitimate G.I. Joe unit that was quickly incorporated into the main team by General Hawk. The Falcon figure has been controversial because of his face. Even before he was released, fans were worrying about the figure’s face. But when it arrived, many commentators felt that the...   More

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