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Upcoming Master Gouken Exclusive from Sota
By The Editor

June 18, 2006 - 16:52


Here are the first pictures of the San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Master Gouken action figures!  (The previous pics were mock-ups.)

SOTA Toys and are joining forces to bring a new Street Fighter character to the world of super-articulated action figures, Ryu and Ken's Sensei, Master Gouken!

At San Diego Comic-Con 2006, SOTA Toys will offer the Exclusive Master Gouken with "Battle Cry" head and will offer the Exclusive Gouken with standard head.  Both Master Gouken figures will come with the translucent "Shoryuken" accessory. The Gouken action figures stand in 7-inch scale with all of the SOTA Street Fighter action figures and feature over 30 points of articulation and the best sculpts available in an action figure.

Each San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Gouken action figure is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide and will be retailing at the convention for $20 each. 

Visit the SOTA Toys booth # 4429 for the "Battle Cry" Gouken


Visit the booth # 634 for the Standard Gouken.

Gouken's Story

Gouken (Japanese for Strong Fist) and his brother Akuma were taught the killing art of Goutetsu-ry by its founder, Goutetsu.  Gouken  abhorred the violence inherent to the system and was more interested in the spiritual side of the art.  Gouken witnessed the death of his master at Akuma's hands.

His first student was Dan, a young man who had some background in Muay Thai. However, he had to release Dan after discovering that Dan's purpose for learning Ansatsuken was to gain vengeance for his father's death. Gouken later adopted an orphan named Ryu and started training the boy.  He then accepted Ken Masters as a second student, as was custom for Ansatsuken. 


Akuma challenged his brother to a duel, loudly declaring himself to be the true heir of Ansatsuken. He was soundly defeated by Gouken. As his brother slunk away, Gouken remarked to his two young students how Akuma had corrupted his Hadou no Chikara (Power of Hado) and that when Akuma returned, he would bring calamity to the school.

Sadly, Gouken was correct. Akuma did return years later, fully embracing the killing intent called Satsui no Hadou, making Akuma many times more devastating.  He killed Gouken while his pupils Ryu and Ken were away taking part in different tournaments.  Gouken's daughter witnessed the whole thing, and Ken returned just in time to see the end of the Shun Goku Satsu. Ken fought Akuma in blind rage to avenge his master. He was defeated (but not killed) by Akuma.

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