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Samurai: Heaven & Earth, Vol. II #4
By Leroy Douresseaux

July 21, 2007 - 14:55

Publisher(s): Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s): Ron Marz
Penciller(s): Luke Ross
Inker(s): Luke Ross
Colourist(s): Rob Schwager
Cover Artist(s): Luke Ross
32 pp., Color, $2.99

In the first Samurai: Heaven & Earth mini-series, the year is 1704, and the samurai Asukai Shiro travels across Asia to Europe to retrieve his beloved, Lady Yoshiko, who was kidnapped and sold into slavery.  Shiro and the King’s Musketeers foil an assassination plot against King Louis XIV of France, but Shiro finds and loses Yoshiko again.

In Samurai: Heaven & Earth Vol. II #4, the year is 1705.  Shiro and Safwah Ibn Badr al Din, the slave trader who originally sold Yoshiko, have tracked Yoshiko to a remote city in Egypt.  She is now a slave in the harem of Ali Faraj Pasha, and Don Miguel Ratera Aguilar, the disgraced Spanish nobleman who kidnapped her, is about to meet his death at the hands of the Pasha’s torturers.  Shiro and Safwah hatch a dangerous plan to at last reunite the samurai and his love.

THE LOWDOWN:  The reunion lives up to the anticipation a quest across continents and seas created.  All of it is drawn in a manner benefiting a fantastic story of love, adventure, and danger.  If that isn’t enough, Ron Marz and Luke Ross take us from the throes of passion to a mysterious destination where we await the final battle.

FOR READERS OF:  Epic adventure, exotic locales, costume drama, lavish sets, colorful characters, and sword-fighting.  Does this have to be published by Marvel or DC Comics for more readers to pay attention?


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