Johnny Bullet
Marvel Comics
NYX #6 (of 7) "wanabe"
By Koncise

August 30, 2005 - 13:22

Writer(s): Joe Quesada
Penciller(s): Robert Teranshi
Inker(s): Soto
Cover Artist(s): Joshua Middleton


This is the penultimate issue, so everything’s building to the finale. What will be the gangs next step, will Kiden’s dad make another appearance!?! And last issue Tatinana turned into some sort of warebeast…… what’s up with that!!!

I have to say, this issue felt rather disjointed. The story kinda moves forward and you can see where it could end up next issue. But the problem is, we get introduced to a new character. Well, actually, a new character is thrust upon us and this really disrupts the flow of the story. It’s not so much that we don’t know anything about him, it’s just that his powers don’t seem to make any sense. And as this is the penultimate issue, it’s going to make for a bit of a cluttered ending.

As with the story, the art this issue doesn’t seem as tight as previous issues. Characters sometimes look elongated and the features of the kids at times change and mirror a much older look. Which is out of place with the situation. There’s some nice fading affects and other stuff like that, but it doesn’t really change the fact that this issue comes off flat. The cover is nice, though, but really has no connection to the story.

Report Card - C-

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