Johnny Bullet
Marvel Comics
By Koncise an out :)

June 8, 2004 - 15:17

Writer(s): Joe Quesada
Penciller(s): Joshua Middleton
Inker(s): Joshua Middleton
Cover Artist(s): Joshua Middleton



Last issue Kiden stumbles upon X-23 after she apparently killed a john. What will the ramifications of this be? Can Cameron get any semblance of her life back and how does newcomer Tatiana fit into thingsā€¦.is she too a mutant?

It's been a while since the last issue (5 months), but this doesn't matter as we are given a comprehensive up-date by Kiden virtually as soon as the issue starts. This manages to capture the voice of Kiden perfectly in tone and speech. We aren't left hanging with regards to X-23 either, as we get her insight into what happened in that hotel room. A new character is introduced (Tatiana), so I wonder how she will intertwine into things. But the question is, can Kiden really see dead people or is she crazy!?!

After the first few pages (which are really nice) you could be mistaken to think that things have started to slip. But don't fear this is a flashback sequence and once realised you see how the slightly off opaque look, which gives the effect of dancing between raindrops, fits in nicely. Again, with the X-23 sequence, you get a hollow empty feel to it and this at the moment is the epitome of X-23.

Report Card - B

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