Johnny Bullet
Marvel Comics
NYX #1
By Kevin Scott

October 12, 2003 - 11:13

Publisher(s): Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Joe Quesada
Penciller(s): Joshua Middleton
Cover Artist(s): Joshua Middleton

Have you ever been on the outside looking in? You try and fit in, but when you're different this isn't an easy thing to do. Why do you want to fit in though, what's life done for you other than kick you constantly! Well imagine then discovering you're a mutant. Oh, you think that would be great, maybe if you were a X-Man. When you have no safety net though, all you can do is struggle for survival! Welcome to NYX, welcome to the REAL WORLD!

Many people profess to have written books that tap into the essence of reality for a normal kid. You read them though and there jus idealistic fantasy. Well, I'm telling you, NYX is IT! This is reality as it is. Kiden is no saint. She's gone through hell and now it seems she wants to jus get through with minimal hassle. This is easier said than done though. Quesada has laced the story with some great dialogue and the ending and its lead up was some great writing. He also used a GREAT quote from Martin Luther King and the comparison with Charles Xavier seems very apt!

Many people said Middleton couldn't draw grimy reality……..heads up people, Middleton can draw….PERIOD!!! From the get go, the pages exuded a presence. It's like the calm before the storm; you can sense something is coming. When you hit the title page though, not only is the art gorgeous but there's an air of freedom within it, like all the girls problems are gone for that moment in time. The rest of the book follows in this vain and the out of body translucent experience at the end, jus helps cap off a GREAT issue!

Report Card - A

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