Johnny Bullet
Marvel Comics
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #27
By Leroy Douresseaux

May 13, 2007 - 12:33

Publisher(s): Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Chris Kipiniak
Penciller(s): Patrick Scherberger
Inker(s): Roland Paris
Colourist(s): Guru eFX
Cover Artist(s): Patrick Scherberger
32 pp., Colors, $2.99


In this story entitled, “But Seriously, Folks…,” Peter Parker is on assignment at the Manhattan offices of Blazamo!, a children’s cable TV network.  All he needs to do is take photos of the network’s new owner, Dwayne Taylor, but super-villain, The Jester attacks the building.  The Jester wants to use Blazamo’s broadcast facilities in an attempt to extort money from New York City.  Luckily Peter Parker is also the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and Dwayne Turner is urban hero, Night Thrasher.  The two heroes must join forces to stop The Jester, but is the taciturn Thrasher willing to team up with the genial web-slinger?

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #27 is indicative of why this “All Ages” series works so well.  It’s a stand alone story that isn’t tied to a larger story arc, nor is it tied to other Marvel comic magazines.  It’s Spider-Man doing the things that first attracted to me to the character when I was a child: he is a cool-looking character with stranger powers, including the ability to make his own spider web.  He always fights bad guys and remains a hero no matter how often things don’t go his way.  I think Spider-Man’s unusual look, weird powers, and colorful bad guys – when executed in a cool, visually appealing manner – is what still attracts children to the “Spidey.”  Marvel Adventures Spider-Man captures the spirit of fun, adventure, and heroism exemplified by the character.

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