Hervé St-Louis
By Hervé St-Louis

Apr 12, 2010 - 23:23

Hervé St-Louis, once held a job whose title was "Jungle Explorer." He was a research and development wacko for a Web 2.0 start up. You gave him a flashlight and a knife and he would go figure out something crazy and discover lost civilizations, then report back to base. A bigger deployment team with huge bulldozers would create a path back to his discovery. Then, they would throw him from a helicopter into another lost jungle and ask him to go explore some new worlds.

His jungle explorer title fits him almost as well as his more famous moniker, The Toon Doctor®. Toon Doctor® is the animation studio specialized in Flash cartoon animation St-Louis founded in 2001. He's been working in multimedia, animation and Web development since 1997. As well as working in mobile apps development, St-Louis is currently pursuing his PhD degree researching human-computer interaction and usable security. He is part of the Semaphore research cluster on mobile and information-related technologies at the Faculty of Information (iSchool) at the University of Toronto, in Toronto, Canada.

He's a jungle explorer, so university research and discovery is in his DNA. St-Louis successfully defended his master's thesis in Strategic Studies at the Center for Military and Strategic at the University of Calgary and obtained his degree in June 2011. The thesis' title was Strategic Studies and Cyberspace: Iranian Political Unrest on Twitter. He's one of the few that has read thousands of tweets related to the June 2009 presidential election in Iran written in Farsi and developed an original methodology to analyze Twitter and Web-based transient data.

St-Louis likes animation as much as comics. He has an extensive collection of comic books from all over the world published in English, French and other languages. He also has a crazy action figure collection which he happily deploys anywhere he spends some time at, to the dismay of his work colleagues and fellow grad students. Jungle explorers tend to collect a few artifacts here and there... The latest things St-Louis collects are smartphone apps. He's made five in 2010; three for ComicBookBin; one for his employer; and his last one is a TED app for HP webOS (jungle explorers like to spread ideas).

St-Louis has presented at many conferences related to comic books, animation, storyboards and created courses on Web entrepreneurship for governments. He's also presented at scholarly conferences related to Iran and Twitter and been published scholarly.

St-Louis admits that he had no vision or idea of what he was doing when he created "The Bin." ComicBookBin is pure jungle exploring but with no bulldozer back up. ComicBookBin is one of the few totally independent journalist voice of the comic book industry. For St-Louis, it's not about making friends and creating a future safe parachute with some industry player. ComicBookBin is about informing people about comics, whether you've ever read one or not. That means that ComicBookBin avoids petty feuds, personal attacks, gossips and industry chit chat. St-Louis abides by these editorial rules, but strongly promotes the freedom of expression of his writers.

French 101

'Hervé', to the great surprise of many, is French for 'Harvey'. If you can't pronounce his name, just use Harvey.

Just a note on Speedy Responses

I'm a fulltime PhD student with a full plate of work to do at the university. At any moment, I am too busy to respond to emails promptly. If I miss your email the first time, don't hesitate from sending to me again and again. If I don't respond, it's not personal. I'm just swamped with work.



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