Johnny Bullet
Marvel Comics
X-Men #211
By Patrick Bérubé

May 18, 2008 - 08:00

Publisher(s): Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Mike Carey
Penciller(s): Scot Eaton and Brandon Peterson
Inker(s): Many
Colourist(s): Frank D'armata and John Rauch
Letterer(s): Cory Petit
Cover Artist(s): David Finch

After losing some of his memories, Professor Charles Xavier, former leader of the X-Men, is looking to gain them back. By meeting people he frequented in the past, he hopes to be able to telepathically regain some forgotten moments. This will lead to an encounter with a former childhood friend who is now in an asylum. But what Xavier will discover in his friend’s mind implies that Mister Sinister may have been part of his life for longer than he thought. And I almost forgot, someone wants him dead…

The story of this issue is very Xavier-centric. Except for a few Juggernaut and Hellfire Club scenes, the plot evolves around the professor trying to reconstruct his past. It is interesting to see how Mike Carey chooses to rebuild the character. The last couple of years have seen Charles Xavier depicted as a liar and a conspirator. It is about time that a writer brings back the basic elements of his personality. I can only imagine that the road to redemption he his walking will lead him back to his rightful place as the leader of the X-Men. It also interesting how all of the team's history is subtly presented through Xavier’s mind making it a much needed recap for new and older readers alike. This issue really feels like one of many bricks that you use when you build a new foundation.

Two artists share the art duty within the comic. First, Scott Eaton takes care of the present day sequences. He does a correct job but what annoys me is that there are three different inkers that assist him. Even if the differences between each one's work are sometimes subtle, it still makes an unequal comic book. Especially if you take into account that another artist, Brandon Peterson, took care of the flashback sequences. Speaking of these sequences, I think that they are handled pretty well by the artist. The colors on these sequences also stand out a bit more than on the rest.

This comic is an interesting reconstruction of the Charles Xavier character. I consider this comic book an average comic book even with the lack of continuity in the art.

I rate it 7 out of 10

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