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Trailers from the Superbowl
By Zak Edwards

February 3, 2014 - 10:56

Some people watch the Superbowl to watch professional athletes run into each other, some as an excuse to get day drunk. Me, I watch my favourite part of the Superbowl on the internet the next day. It's not the highlights reel, it's the commercials, and here are some of the most anticipated trailers that aired yesterday. All in one spot, all for your convenience.

Need For Speed, starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, has fast cars going fast. While the film only had a 30 second spot during the game actual, DreamWorks released an extended cut almost immediately after it aired. There's a bit of a preamble with the stars of the film, but then the cars start:

Darren Aronofsky's Noah is coming, as inevitable as the rising tides. I don't really get how it's an "UNTOLD STORY," but there's lots of animals, a flaming sword, and a meteor attack. Perhaps Aronofsky is taking some creative license:

Michael Bay's fourth Transformers film, Age of Extinction, had thirty seconds of loud music, big robots, Mark Wahlberg, and two-headed robot dragons (you heard me right). Of, and one robots using this new technology called 'parachutes:'


Captain America: The Winter Soldier's trailer does a much better job with Scarlett Johansson than the latest posters. She's jumping around shooting guns a lot in this one. More importantly, Falcon has made a proper debut and is looking pretty good in my opinion. There's also lots of Robert Redford too because they know who watches football, and some background on the Winter Soldier because it's in the title:

Finally, my favourite and least trailer, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Favourite because it features all that quippy dialogue that I just adored in the first film (seriously, I almost wish they took the superpowers out and just had quippy conversations), least favourite because they just told me the entire movie. But I am glad Peter washes his flag, that's true patriotism:

So what do you think of these trailers? Are you excited or disappointed? Sound off in the comments below!

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