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DC Comics
Titans #34 Review
By Deejay Dayton

March 2, 2019 - 16:14

Publisher(s): DC Comics
Writer(s): Dan Abnett
Artist(s): Bruno Redondo
Colourist(s): Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer(s): Dave Sharpe
Cover Artist(s): Mico Suayan, Blond, Tyler Kirkham, Arif Prianto
$3.99 28 pages

I have to admit, I am glad this book is coming to an end. Each issue pushes me further and further away from caring about it. Honestly, were I not reviewing this title, I probably would have stopped reading it.

Mother Blood and Travesty are battling the Titans in this one. Raven is fighting an alternate version of herself, who leads a team called the Outsiders, but which bears no resemblance to any of the groups that have used that name.

I will admit there is a decent spark between Steel and Green Lantern. The pair work well together, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them operate as a unit in some other story down the road.

But otherwise….

Well, you know how it is when you just don’t care about a book. Suddenly one becomes detached from everything, and it just looks like pages of people fighting, with no purpose.

There is a purpose. There is a reason for everything. Dan Abnett is too good a writer for there not to be. It’s simply that I find it difficult to pay enough attention to find out what that is.

Beast Boy growls a lot, Mother Blood schemes, and Raven freaks out. That about sums it up.

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