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The Writer's Strike: Week Two is Under Way.
By Zak Edwards

Nov 13, 2007 - 23:11

The Writers Guild of America has now been on strike for over a week, not very long compared to the 22-week strike that occurred in the late eighties.  With the strike back then costing the entertainment industry industry an estimated five
hundred million dollars, it is surprising that the two sides of the strike now have not explored a negotiation yet.  Nevertheless, the strike continues and has now become a media frenzy in itself, with high profile actors, producers, and even politicians voicing their opinions and support.  But despite all the attention, news on the actual progression of negotiation between the parties involved is scarce.  On the plus side, more specific numbers on shows and their count of episodes this season have been coming out as television networks prepare for the long haul.  With almost every show except reality television shows being affected, more news on shows has been coming in waves.  What follows are some more popular show’s fates and what to expect of them in the coming weeks.  But first, some sad news:

Scrubs Update:

The media caught up with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence recently at the picket lines to discuss the final season of the show.  Lawrence’s outlook on the final season of Scrubs is not reassuring, stating that “if the strike doesn’t go away, I would imagine there won’t ever be a finale of Scrubs.”  But Lawrence has said that he is considering a couple of options, from something as meek as a script posted online to a straight-to-DVD episode.  One thing is for sure, Scrubs fans, myself included, may need to be ready for a disappointing end to the adventures at Sacred Heart hospital if the strike continues.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and its Spin-offs

CSI: Miami is wrapping up its shooting this week, ending production of the show for this season.  The three shows; CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York, are reporting the now standard episode count of thirteen for this year, nine episodes short of a full season.


The cynical and mean-spirited House is possibly the best situation I’ve come across.  With the new direction the show has taken, scripts are way ahead of schedule.  New episodes may be coming out until the end of January.  Fans of the cranky Dr. House could be lasting a full month longer than almost every other television show.

Law and Order

By the looks of things, filming of all Law and Order shows has been suspended, leaving viewers with less episodes than most other television shows.  Ten episodes have been shot for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Law and Order: Criminal Intent shows.  The original Law and Order will have a mid-season debut and only nine episodes had been filmed before being put on “hiatus.”

Prison Break

Prison Break was originally expected to have a break in mid-december before returning in January.  This break will now start this week, apparently leaving viewers with a two-month drought before a new episode airs in mid-January.  Production is expected to last until completion of the thirteenth episode, which will be the season finale.

First Season Shows with a Shorter Episode Count

Shows like Cane, Journeymen, and Carpoolers, have filmed all thirteen episodes originally ordered by the networks.  No new episodes have been
ordered.  What that means for these fledgling shows is probably not a good thing.  Cancellation may be imminent, but not guaranteed.

If not ended shortly, television will relying on reruns in the coming months.  With production being shut down or soon to be shut down in the coming weeks, jobs will most certainly be lost.  Economic ramifications of this strike are already being felt.

I will bring more updates as I find them.  In the mean time, prepare for reruns.

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