Johnny Bullet
DC Comics
Review: The Wild Storm #7
By Philip Schweier

Nov 3, 2017 - 15:42

Publisher(s): DC Comics
Writer(s): Warren Ellis
Artist(s): Jon Davis-Hunt
Colourist(s): Steve Buccellato
Letterer(s): Simon Bowland
Cover Artist(s): Jon Davis-Hunt; Bryan Hitch, Alex Sinclair; Jim Lee, Scott Williams

Thankfully, the first few pages are a recap, cuz it’s been a loooong time since I read Wild Storm #6. Even if it wasn’t, having characters and events boiled down into single sentences is helpful.

Other than extracting an opposing agent from an orbital space station, there’s less action and more exposition in this issue. Nevertheless, it’s still somewhat vague as to who the good guys and who the bad guys might be. Suffice to say it’s all shades of gray, with some people on one side “gooder” than others, or badder than others, depending on one’s personal moral basement.

I may have said this before (and I’m too lazy to go look), but this story is probably best read in one entire sitting, rather than one chapter each month. It can sometimes be a challenge to remember when/where we saw various members of the ensemble cast. Perhaps Ellis is hoping it will be picked up as series for Netflix, or maybe a movie.

That’s never a good strategy for writing comic books. It’s its own entity, with it own pitfalls and advantages. Yes, sequential storytelling does share similarities between comics, film, etc. Writing for one format to be executed in another is, in my opinion, setting oneself up for failure. It’s not often I recommend waiting for the trade, but this may be one of them.

Rating: 4/10

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