Johnny Bullet
Marvel Comics
The New Avengers #51
By Hervé St-Louis

March 29, 2009 - 14:36

Publisher(s): Marvel Comics
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller(s): Billy Tan, Chris Bachalo
Inker(s): Matt Banning, Tim Townsend
Colourist(s): Justin Ponsor, Antonio Fabela
Letterer(s): Albert Deschesne
Cover Artist(s): Billy Tan, Matt Banning, Paul Mounts
$3.99 US

Doctor Strange is back, looking for the next sorcerer supreme of this dimension. However, when the prospects for such a character lead to Doctor Doom, this may not be the greatest thing for Earth. Elsewhere, the Avengers continue to plot and plan on how to defeat Norman Osborn. This issue also deals with the status of Wonder Man who seems to have not joined either of the new Avengers, team that have sprung up. Oh, and Peter Parker reveals his secret identity to the New Avengers.

Why are the New Avengers more expansive than the Mighty Avengers? it seems that with the extra page count last issue, Marvel Comics has tried to quietly increase the price of this series by a whole dollar. The Dark Avengers are also more expensive. Why is Marvel Comics discouraging comic books buyers from purchasing their books?


I don’t like it when artists whose work I don’t like are the highlight of t a book I read. I’m not a fan of Bachalo. I usually can’t stand his work. But this issue, of the two artists sharing pages, he was the best. His layouts were clear and although there are things about his work that continue to annoy me, he wasn’t as bad as in the past. As for tan, I feel like he’s a cross between Neal Adams and Leinil Francis Yu. It doesn’t work. If the artwork continues to be so bad, I may have to cancel my subscription to this series.

As for the story, Bendis is following existing patterns of developing a story. You know your work is either seminal or cliché when people can pick up your writing techniques and tricks the moment you introduce them. It feels like I have read this story before in Civil War and Secret Invasion. It’s not really what happens that is copied. It’s how it’s presented.

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