Johnny Bullet
DC Comics
Tales of the Unexpected # 6 (of 8)
By Koppy Mcfad

March 20, 2007 - 06:54

Publisher(s): DC Comics
Writer(s): David Lapham, Brian Azzarello
Penciller(s): Eric Battle, Cliff Chiang, Prentis Rollins
Cover Artist(s): Bill Sienkiewicz


Deceased detective Crispus Allen can use the power of the Spectre to punish murderers but he is helpless to prevent any act of evil from occuring, even when he witnesses the imminent murder of a young girl before his very eyes. This inability to stop evil has been the main point of conflict in this comic and sadly, there is no sign that this conflict is any closer to resolution. The Phantom Stranger pops up in this issue but even he seems helpless to do anything except watch and make cryptic comments. The art of this issue captures the atmosphere of menace and sordid evil quite well but this story has gone on for too long. Perhaps the creative team has some big, moving, metaphysical climax up their sleeves for the final issue of this miniseries. But frankly, too many grotesque crimes have been carried out before our eyes for the reader to care anymore. This comic has become a long, slow ride into the depths of depravity and it just leaves the reader with his senses dulled. The Dr. Thirteen backup story is rather amusing, especially to old-timers who will enjoy seeing the interaction of such unlikely characters as Captain Fear and Infectious Lass but this story seems a bit too lightweight. It is like a dream-- surreal, sometimes enjoyable but also difficult to remember.

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