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DC Comics
Review: Scooby-Doo Team Up #30
By Philip Schweier

Sep 27, 2017 - 10:50

Publisher(s): DC Comics
Writer(s): Sholly Fisch
Artist(s): Dario Brizuela
Colourist(s): Franco Riesco
Letterer(s): Saida Temofonte
Cover Artist(s): Dario Brizuela, Franco Riesco

Obviously, DC has a backlog of characters, many of which have not seen the light of day for several decades. There was a time when long-dormant properties such as the Challengers of the Unknown would appear in a team-up title such as Brave & the Bold or DC Comics Presents, or reprints could be found in Dollar Comics such as Worlds Finest.

Today, in an effort to maintain the copyright, DC Comics has Scooby-Doo Team-Up, which in this case features not only the Challengers, but also other properties from DC’s Silver Age – the Sea Devils, the Secret Six, Rip Hunter, and Cave Carson. I enjoy seeing these old properties resurrected (Cave Carson, not so much), but I wish there were an anthology title where they could be featured on a rotating basis.

I enjoyed this story for the fact that rather than be a big happy family of well-known adventurers, the Challengers regarded the Scooby gang as so many others have – meddling kids. This led to Mystery Inc having to earn the respect of the Challengers, as well as the other groups.

Sholly Fisch must really enjoy the opportunity to re-visit some of the more obscure (and sometimes ridiculous) characters from DC’s archives. I enjoy how he acknowledges the current Cave Carson series, while also pointing out teams who investigate mysteries under water, in caves, and in time, as well as exposing the mysterious Mockingbird, spymaster to the Secret Six.*

Dario Bruzela’s artwork is suitable cartoony, consistent with the Hanna-Barbera style Scooby is known for. I only wish he didn’t draw everybody as an overly-muscled stuffed into a skin-tight uniform what does he think this is – the animated X-Men cartoon?

If you’re fan of the way comics used to be done-in-one, this ia great title to follow.

*Should DC be reading this, I have an idea of incorporating a Rebirthed Secret Six and Mockingbird into the current DCU. Call me.

Rating: 8/10

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