Johnny Bullet
DC Comics
Review: Nightwing #36
By Philip Schweier

January 3, 2018 - 13:53

Publisher(s): DC Comics
Writer(s): Sam Humphries
Artist(s): Bernard Chang
Colourist(s): Marcelo Maiolo
Letterer(s): Carlos Mangual
Cover Artist(s): Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo; Yasmine Putri

Nightwing is following the Judge across Bludhaven. The Judge is a manipulative psychopath whose great joy in life turning peoples’ greatest desires into their greatest weakness. He’s been working his way up the city’s food chain toward its highest office. But he aimed Detective Svboda in Nightwing’s direction, so our hero is not quite functioning at 100 percent.


I’m a bit confused but the Judge, because Nightwing alludes to previous encounters – as Robin, as Grayson the spy, and now as Nightwing. To me, he’s a new nemesis, but I only recently returned to the character after a multi-decade absence, so it could on me. As foes go, he seems formidable, given his mentalist abilities, but I’m curious to see how he handles a punch in the face from an experienced martial artist.

Meanwhile, there is a sub-plot involving the half-human/half-orca known as Guppy. Betrayal and desperation may result in him turning to a life of crime, but that’s complete speculation on my part. It’s a slow pot that will come to a boil in the months to come (I guess).

I’m enjoying Bernard Chang’s artwork. It’s a refreshing change from that of Javier Fernandez. Nothing against Fernandez, I just appreciate Chang’s work more. I think he was well-suited for his recent stint on Batman Beyond, so Nightwing should be too great a challenge for him to manage.

Rating: 8/10

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