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European Comics
Harry Octane: Virage mystique
By Hervé St-Louis

July 2, 2015 - 21:26

Publisher(s): Glénat
Writer(s): Christian Papazoglakis
Penciller(s): Christian Papazoglakis
Inker(s): Christian Papazoglakis
Colourist(s): Tanja Cinna
Cover Artist(s): Christian Papazoglakis
ISBN: 9782723490412
13,90 €
Release Date: February 2013

Harry Octane is caught in a trap. Employed by lousy Mexican racers, he has to go fetch an effigy of the Guadalupe over the border in Mexico and bring it back to San Diego or else. But on his way, a motorcycle stunt acrobat steals the effigy. What else can go wrong?

While I didn’t like the first volume of Harry Octane, finding it bland and plotless, this one story redeems the entire story. Christian Papazoglakis can write a good and funny story after all. The story would still have made sense had I not read the first volume. However, the way Papazoglakis chose to set up the story did make ask many question about where he was going with the story given where it ended in the first volume. Rest assured, all is explained and makes sense. It’s all a bunch of twists that are fun to see emerge.

Of course, Papazoglakis’s strength is his wonderful artwork and his handling of cars in action. There is much to learn here. I like how he made the characters more cartoony than in the first volume, while keeping a hint of realism. He’s good with facial expressions. Now that I’m convinced that this series is indeed decent, let’s wait for volume three

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