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DC Comics
Blackest Night: Tales of The Corps #2 (of 3)
By Andy Frisk

July 24, 2009 - 22:26

Publisher(s): DC Comics
Writer(s): Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi
Penciller(s): Eddie Barrows, Doug Mahnke, Gene Ha, Tom Mandrake
Inker(s): Ruy Jose, Christian Alamy, Gene Ha, Tom Mandrake, Doug Mahnke, Tom Nguyen
Colourist(s): Nei Ruffino, Pete Pantazis, Randy Mayor
Letterer(s): Sal Cipriano, Steve Wands
Cover Artist(s): Ed Benes, Rob Hunter, Nei Ruffino, Rodolfo Migliari
$3.99 US


First up this time, we get a tale of The Red Lantern Corps titled “Fly Away.” It's the tale of Red Lantern Bleez, who Atrocitus calls “The Angel of the Red Lanterns.” Bleez was the royal daughter of the ruling family of the planet Havania. She is beautiful, young, spoiled, and haughty, yet she will not take a suitor, as she wants one who wants her for more than her beauty. When Sinestro Corps Member 465 comes to claim her though, and ends up taking her by force to Ranx, he stokes the flames of rage in her heart. Her rage leads to her becoming a blood vomiting Red Lantern.


In Tales of The Star Sapphires: “Lost Love,” the most famous Star Sapphire of all makes her reappearance. When the Star Sapphire ring crashes through the windshield of her fighter jet’s cockpit to recruit her, Carol Ferris responds with, “Oh, come on. Not again.” Things are different this time though, as one who would wield the power of the violet hue of the emotional spectrum must volunteer for the honor. With Hal Jordan, her once, and most likely future, love in grave danger, does Carol even have a choice?


The final tale of issue #2 is titled “Blume: Godhead,” and is a tale of The Orange Lanterns. Blume is a “god of hunger” who travels the universe. He demands from civilizations he comes across their most precious valuables. He discovers though, that even a “god of hunger” can be devoured by a force comprised of pure avarice.


As a special treat, Ethan Van Sciver (who I was lucky enough to briefly meet, and get an autograph from at this year's Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC) gives us a great essay titled “The Symbols of The Spectrum: How They Came to Be, and What They Represent.” It’s a great rundown of all the Lanterns’ respective Corps symbols, and it crackles with Van Sciver’s energy and love for his chosen medium, and The Green Lantern mythos in particular. Van Sciver really loves what he does, and cares about the fans, as demonstrated by signing tons of autographs, talking with everyone in his line, and shaking many hands at Heroes Con.


The tales in this issue of Blackest Night: Tales of The Corps are interesting looks into the Corps covered this time around, but overall do not measure up to Saint Walker’s Blue Lantern tale of last issue. The tale of most interest in this issue is Carol Ferris’ tale. She’s been The Star Sapphire many times in the past, but it will be interesting to see if things will really be different this time under the guidance of the Zamarons, who guard and direct the power of the Star Sapphire Lantern. Time will tell if this is the case.


The art is solid as each artist captures the look and feel of their respective Corps accurately. The strongest of all the contributors though is Barrows, whose Red Lantern tales calls for the most diversity of scope. He pencils great beauty, and the horrifically ugly anger of the Red Lanterns. He pencils both blood and water with ease, and plays the two off of each other thematically as Bleez goes from bathing in water to bathing her Sinestro Corps “suitor” with blood. He also creates Bleez’s beauty before her falling victim to the Red Ring, and retains an aspect of it, which is recognizable, albeit horribly distorted, as still a small part of her after her transformation.


Overall, this mini-series continues to be a worthwhile read that displays some great art and storytelling. It serves as the perfect vehicle for new readers who are just becoming aware of the Emotional Spectrum and their respective Corps, while managing to hold the interest of longtime Green Lantern title readers by introducing them to some of the most interesting members of the various Corps.

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