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Binquirer: Special #NYCC Saturday Edition
By Zak Edwards

October 12, 2013 - 20:10

Welcome to our special New York Comic Con Edition of The Binquirer, where we'll give you all the best news and announcements in a single place. Tons of things are happening all day, so it can be hard to parse out what's awesome and what's just hype, so we've done the legwork for you! Want more info? Just follow the links provided.

Marvel Comics:
Ales Kot, a favourite here at Comic Book Bin, has already been tapped to co-write Secret Avengers with Nick Spencer, but he will be relaunching the book solo in March. In addition to Spider-Woman joining the team, Zero artist Michael Walsh will be providing the pencils. More at CBR.

Ales Kot will also be writing Iron Patriot with Garry Brown illustrating. The series is about James Rhodes attempting to be his own thing, away from Iron Man. More at CBR.

Dan Slott and Mike Allred will be joining together for a new Silver Surfer series, coming in March. Slott said he wrote the series with Allred in mind and is simply ecstatic that the legendary penciller can draw it. Few details yet except that the title character will be joined by a female companion to explore the universe. No word on if Rad Norrin will be trading his surfboard in for a TARDIS. More at IGN.

Marvel also announced that Nick Spencer and Jonathan Hickman, with artist Stefano Caselli, will be writing Avengers World. The book launches in January and looks at the Avengers' impact on a global scale. I doubt Captain America has any better ideas on what to do in Syria, but hey, let's see what Avengers World will try to do. More at IGN.


DC Comics:
Responding to high demands by fans, DC is bringing back Stephanie Brown in the new weekly comic series Batman: Eternal. No word yet on who she'll be or what she'll be doing, but answers will come in Batman: Eternal #3. More at Crave Online.

DC's panel also announced the death of Superboy. Writer Scott Lobdell told the audience that "[Superboy makes] the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life to stop the universe from falling apart." Lobdell also announced that Supergirl won't be sticking around the Superman family of books for very much longer, but instead striking out into a "another whole set of books in the DC universe." More at Comic Book Blog.

Dark Horse:
The tenth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been announced! The canonical continuation of the cult show will come out next year and be divided into two series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 10 and Angel and Faith. Both series will run for 30 issues. More here at Comic Book Bin.

The Whedonverse is also getting another canonical continuation, this time with the crew of Serenity. TV show Firefly will be getting another mini-series that takes place after the film, to be called "Leaves on the Wind." More here at Comic Book Bin.

Other Publishers:
IDW has announced a bunch of Artist's Editions of famous comics, including Watchmen, Peanuts, and Jack Kirby's New Gods. The project sees high resolution scans of the original art onto paper similar to what the original comics were printed on. Basically, it replicates the originals at a fraction of the cost to find them. More at CBR.

My Little Pony is getting a second ongoing comic series called Friends Forever. The title will debut next year, no word yet on writers, artists, or even what it will be about. More at Bleeding Cool.

Video Games and Television:
Activision announced Amazing Spider-Man 2, the video game based on the upcoming film starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The game will be free-roaming and based on a larger map of New York, with Spider-Man's actions being involved in a Hero or Menace morality system. More at Coming Soon.

The final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has wrapped production and will be airing in 2014. The announcement came from David Fioni on his Facebook.

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