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Watchmen S01E03 Review
By Deejay Dayton
November 5, 2019 - 11:16

Starring: Jean Smart, Regina King
Directed by: Stephen Williams
Produced by: White Rabbit
Distributors: Warner Bros. Television


The third episode of Watchmen cleared up some of the mysteries surrounding the series. Not that everything is now on the table. The show is too smart to play all its cards so quickly. And I have to concede that I now appreciate the way the first two episodes were done, luring the audience in by making us wonder how this is all connected to the original comic book.

Because it is the original comic book that the show is a sequel to, not the movie. The reference to a giant alien squid made that clear. And my suspicions that Jeremy Irons was playing Adrian Veidt, the former Ozymandias, were confirmed, although I still don’t know what the character is up in the present day.

This episode really belonged to the former Silk Spectre, who has now adopted her father’s last name, Laurie Blake, played to perfection by Jean Smart. As the episode unfolded I was increasingly impressed with how Smart captured so many of Laurie’s qualities, even though the character is now much older, and far more bitter. She has not just taken on her father’s name, his acerbic view of society permeates her conversation.


This gets contrasted with a couple of scenes in which Laurie’s vulnerability comes through. I love the phone conversation/joke that runs throughout the episode. I have heard the joke before, although with different details, and admired how it was tooled towards Watchmen without losing any of the original effect.

Angela Abar (Regina King) is pushed into a supporting role in the episode, and her scenes with Laurie are very interesting. The two women have no reason to trust each other, and are both keeping secrets. I think I can safely forecast that they will wind up working together as the story goes on, but there will need to be some bridges built before that will be possible.

An exceptional and highly enjoyable episode, which cements the right of the show to be called Watchmen.

Rating: 10/10

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