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DC Comics History: Trigger Twins (1960 - 1964: the Silver Age)
By Deejay Dayton
Jun 6, 2017 - 11:09

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The Trigger Twins no longer held the cover of All-Star Western, and their stories during the period 1960 – 1964: the Silver Age seemed to lack much of the spark of earlier adventures. On the plus side, there were no more tales in which Walt tried to quit being the sheriff. On the down side, there was little to distinguish them anymore. Both were now brave and crack shots.


The Trigger Twins becomes pure sitcom in All-Star Western 113. Two gun salesmen come to Rocky City, one representing Colt, and the other Smith and Wesson. Each one provides a new gun to Sheriff Trigger while the hero is caught in a shootout. Comparing notes later, Wayne and Walt realize the events happened at about the same time. Were the two salesmen to meet and discuss what happened, they would figure out there are two sheriffs! Oh, no!


So for the remainder of the story Wayne and Walt do everything they can to keep the two men from running into each other in the small town. The end of the tale has a funny twist, as they learn that the two rivals got into a big fight months earlier, and refuse to speak to each other anyway.


The final Trigger Twins adventure appeared in All-Star Western 116. The tale opens with a shooting match in Rocky City.  Two locals are favoured, but an outsider wins.  There are also two thieving brothers in attendance. Walt goes after the brothers, but is saved by an unseen shooter.  He assumes that it's Wayne, but in fact it proves to be the girl from the shooting match, who winds up getting the reward money. Wayne gets into a similar situation with an unseen shooter, assuming it to be Walt. 


The boy from the match claims that he was the one who saved Wayne, but Wayne thinks the boy actually robbed the assayers office.  In the end, it turns out the boy is innocent, and was the other helper, while the outsider who won the match was also the thief. Not bad, but nothing special.

The Trigger Twins return in an issue of All-Star Squadron in the 80s, the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover that uses all the heroes introduced in All-Star Western.

Trigger Twins: All-Star Western 111 – 116 (Feb/Mar 60 – Dec/Jan 60/61)

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