DC Comics
The Unexpected #4 Review
By Deejay Dayton
Sep 11, 2018 - 17:44

DC Comics
Writer(s): Steve Orlando, Cary Nord
Penciller(s): Yvel Guichet
Inker(s): Scott Hanna
Colourist(s): Jeromy Cox
Letterer(s): Carlos Mangual
Cover Artist(s): Yannick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn
$3.99 28 pages

So with issue 4 I now know what to expect from The Unexpected. Firebrand and Neon struggling to learn more about the mysterious new metal, while battling against Onimarr Synn and others who want to possess it, with a guest star each issue.

I’m fine with that. There was no possible way to keep a pattern from forming. What was more important, by this point, was that the format be interesting.
The Huntress and the Signal are this issue’s guest stars, and next issue’s makes a cameo on the final pages.

Orlando is doing a very good job keeping the story moving forward, exploring the mystery metal and developing the relationship between Firebrand and Neon. Neither character has truly grown on me yet, but I’m fully engaged in the overall storyline, so not terribly concerned about that.

I wasn’t quite as keen on the art in this issue. It’s not bad, and I would be hard pressed to find something actually “wrong” with it, but somehow it just didn’t really work for me as much as the previous three issues had.

For that matter, I am not a massive fan of either Huntress or the Signal, but both are used very well in this outing.

I guess one could say that is a big credit to the overall book. Four characters that don’t really excite me, art that failed to thrill me, and yet somehow I really enjoyed this issue.

Rating: 8.5/10

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