DC Comics
The Terrifics #12 Review
By Deejay Dayton
Feb 22, 2019 - 8:02

DC Comics
Writer(s): Jeff Lemire
Artist(s): Viktor Bogdanovic
Inker(s): Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion
Colourist(s): Michael Spicer
Letterer(s): Tom Napolitano
Cover Artist(s): Evan Shaner
$3.99 28 pages

Bogdanovic and Lemire keep things clipping along in the latest issue of The Terrifics. With the four characters now each involved in their own separate storylines, the pacing is very fast, shifting from one to another as each arc has major developments.

Mr Terrific opens the issue, having fallen into the prehistoric hands of Java, now Doc Dread. He has gathered up his own evil version of the heroes, the Dreadfuls, and Mr Terrific gets a closer introduction to them than he would have liked.

Phantom Girl is back in her dimension, Bgtzl, but is not as happy as she imagined she would be. Some hilarious costume design really adds to these scenes, and the staidness of their culture now grates on Linnya, who is used to more action.

I am going to avoid discussing Rex Mason’s story arc, except to say that it doesn’t bode well for his relationship with Sapphire.

The real heart of this issue, though, lies in Plastic Man’s attempts to bond with his bitter son. Funny how many times over the years, in how many different realities and universes, Plastic Man has been given a son, and a crappy relationship with him.

I suppose it helps round out the character, who is otherwise so childish and goofy. Seeing him struggle to become an authority figure is a greater challenge for the shape shifter than any nefarious villain could be.

It feels like the next issue will be the one to bring the team back together. And though I am looking forward to that moment, this issue did a superb job handling them individually.

Rating: 9/10

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