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Swamp Thing S01E10 Review
By Deejay Dayton
August 3, 2019 - 09:59

Starring: Crystal Reed, Jennifer Beals
Produced by: Big Shoe Productions Inc.
Distributors: Warner Bros. Television


So Swamp Thing has had its season finale. Possibly the finale for the series as a whole. Despite the strong reviews that it has garnered, DC has not relent on the cancellation of the show. That is such a shame, since this was an excellent adaptation of the classic comic.

There are a lot of developments in the final episode. Some tie up plot threads, others leave them dangling. It’s abundantly clear that another season was envisioned when this episode was made. The episode also doesn’t shy away from being grisly and disturbing.


Overall, I guess I was a bit let down by the Blue Devil storyline. It seemed to have too easy a resolution for the amount of build up. Were there to be another season, I would definitely want to see this character explored further. I didn’t care much for Ian Ziering’s Daniel Cassidy at the start of the series, but he really grew on me as the show went on. And I loved the use of the actual comic books in the episode. So much so that I took a screen shot.

Madame Xanadu (Jeryl Prescott) and Liz Tremayne (Maria Sten) received perhaps the least development in this season. Both actresses did well with what they were given, but for the most part their roles served to advance plot lines, or give more important characters someone to talk to. Again, were the show to continue, I would not be bothered by this at all. I would just hope for more development with them in the next season.

Kevin Durand has done an excellent job as Jason Woodrue. Giving Woodrue an ailing wife made his desire to exploit the medicinal properties of Swamp Thing’s cells more sympathetic, while at the same time he remained an arrogant character, with few social skills. The culmination of his plot thread comes in a post-credit scene. You really need to stick around to catch it.


Will Patton and Virginia Madsen each went on their own rollercoasters during this season. Their dysfunctional relationship, mired in lies, regrets, and betrayals, really added a lot to the show. In an offbeat kind of way, I suppose both of them get happy endings, if the show really does end there. At least, the characters are happy. But I would eagerly welcome both back for more of their twisted relationships in another season.

I was hugely impressed by Jennifer Beals and Henderson Wade as Lucillia and Matt Cable. Here we got to see some genuine affection between mother and son, and observed how it got exploited and manipulated, tearing them apart. The bond remains strong, though, and things do get patched up. Each does get a shocking moment in the final episode, though.

Derek Mears and Andy Owens each handled their side of Swamp Thing/Alec Holland very well. If the show goes on, I could easily live without seeing Owens again, though. I didn’t care for the episode in which Swamp Thing’s spores allowed Abby to see the creature as Alec Holland again. Owens did a good job with the character, but Holland is dead. Time to move on. Mears has more than enough passion as Swamp Thing, and manages to express quite the emotional range despite the limitations of the make-up and prosthetics.

But the true crowning glory to this show was Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane. She remained a strong and grounded characters throughout. This was Reed’s show, even more than it was Swamp Thing’s. And that was true about Alan Moore’s run on the character as well. Abby is, essentially, the midground, a character that audiences will find easy to relate to, through which we can come to understand, and relate to, Swamp Thing.

This was everything I wanted the Swamp Thing series to be, and I know I am not alone in that. If DC doesn’t bring this back for another season, they will have made a terrible mistake.

Rating: 10/10

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