DC Comics
Superwoman #18 Review
By Deejay Dayton
Jan 21, 2018 - 13:03

DC Comics
Writer(s): K. Perkins
Penciller(s): Max Raynor
Inker(s): Jamie Mendoza, Scott Hanna
Colourist(s): Hi Fi
Letterer(s): Carlos Mangual
Cover Artist(s): Phil Jimenez, Stepher Downer, Emanuela Luppachino
$3.99 28 pages


Superwoman comes to an end with issue 18. Can’t say I am really surprised. Probably the best thing about this issue is simply that the last few worked their way up to it. Lana Lang loses her Superwoman powers, but has regained a strong sense of who she is, and what is important in her life.

So this is not a half assed ending, leaving things dangling in hopes that a sudden uptick of readership will provoke a return. No, it is a solid ending, which resolves the concepts that Perkins had been working with.


So yes, as I thought, under Perkins the book really was all about how women can work together t achieve more than they thought they could as individuals. It’s a bonding, feel-good story, which few tales are, when they centre on the hero losing their powers.

I still don’t care for Perkins’ run nearly as much as I enjoyed that of Jimenez, but I have to credit that it chose an unusual tack on a superhero book, and stayed faithful to it.

Despite losing her powers, Lana Lang ends her book as a stronger person, with a stronger relationship and stronger friendships, than she started out with. That’s a win, no matter what.

Rating: 8.5/10

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