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DC Comics History: Roy Raymond, TV Detective (1960 - 1964: the Silver Age)
By Deejay Dayton
Jun 4, 2017 - 8:47

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Roy Raymond was another victim of the period 1960 – 1964: the Silver Age. His long running strip in Detective Comics would come to an end, and it’s safe to say that meant his show, Impossible But True, got cancelled. It had been running since 1949 after all. There was no real development of Roy or his assistant, Karen Duncan, during these last years, but still some entertaining stories along the way.


In Detective Comics 276 a man approaches Roy Raymond, announcing that he has created a hoax, but still challenging Roy to expose it. Roy cannot pass up such an interesting proposal, so he and Karen go along, as the man claims to be transporting them to an alien world.  Roy eventually realizes they really are on an alien planet. He then exposes the man as an alien, and the story abruptly shifts into high gear, as the alien tries to kill Roy and Karen, who use jets to fly to safety.  Another alien shows up and stops the first, explaining that they had a bet as to whether the first could fool Roy Raymond about being human.  They watched the broadcasts of Impossible But True on their home planet.


Some great art by Ruben Moreira on the Roy Raymond tale in Detective 286, in which Roy investigates the legend of a buried monster. The story is far more straightforward than most Roy Raymond tales, but that makes a refreshing change.


Roy releases the monster, who rampages until they manage to seal him up again.  And Roy learns nothing from this, continuing on his merry way.


In Detective 287 Roy is asked to help the search for a missing heir to the throne in an eastern country.  The heir has a device that will create the image of the grand vizier, and Roy is asked to help weed out the fakes. Eventually, one of the claimants produces the effect the desired way, and is proclaimed the heir, but Roy is still wary. Roy proves that the real heir was kidnapped, and the device taken from him.  The men who invited Roy over were using him to cover their own deception and impersonation.  Roy reveals the true heir, and all is well.


Roy Raymond has his final story in Detective Comics 292. It’s a straightforward hoax story, trying to keep people away from a treasure by pretending an ancient wizard has come back to life.  Roy has no problem with this case, after years of similar ones. He relies on his own store of knowledge.


When the phony wizard, supposedly from thousands of years ago, refers to a 12 month year Roy knows the guy is a fraud. The 12 month concept came from 300 years after the time the wizard was claiming to be from.

Roy Raymond next appears in the early 70s, in Superman, but Karen has to wait until the 80s, and returns in the pages of Detective, part of Roy’s comeback solo story.

Roy Raymond, TV Detective: Detective Comics 276 – 292 (Feb 60 – June 61)

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