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DC Comics History: Mademoiselle Marie (1960 - 1964: the Silver Age)
By Deejay Dayton
June 19, 2017 - 21:36

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Mademoiselle Marie’s series in Star Spangled Comics came to an early end during the period 1960 – 1964: the Silver Age. She appeared in only three issues, each time facing her old foe, Von Ekt.


In Star Spangled War Stories 89 Mademoiselle Marie has clearly become an obsession for Von Ekt, who cares more about catching her than he does about the safety and security of his men or his plans. The Nazis are launching "terror bombs" in this story, devastating what appears to be Paris.  It's not quite clear what makes terror bombs different than ordinary missiles, but they do seem to make people scared.


Marie goes undercover as a cleaning lady, right under Von Ekt's nose.  He displays no interest in keeping the very important location of the terror bomb launching area a secret, discussing it with one of his men right in front of her, and leaving the plans open for her to steal.  He is so careless that Marie wonders if she is being set up, but she isn't. Marie gets the location to an American flyer, but he gets shot down. 


Disguising herself as an elderly woman, Marie not only manages to free the captured pilot, but also signal the location to other Allied flyers, who take out the terror bomb base.


In Star Spangled War Stories 90 Marie goes scuba diving in a flooded village as she battles Nazis subs. Von Ekt appears again at the beginning of this tale, but aside from being behind the plan to have the Nazi sub base in the inundated town, has no real tie to the story.


The resistance has learned about the base, and Mademoiselle Marie leads a team down there, to take out the three Nazi subs calling it home.


Mademoiselle Marie's series comes to an end with Star Spangled War Stories 91.  Marie and her resistance forces are running low on supplies, and she orders them to be very precise in their shooting, not to waste any bullets. Von Ekt, in his final appearance, realizes that Marie and her people are low on supplies, and that they will have to call on the British for more.  He allows some radio communication between them, so that he can learn their rendezvous point. The Nazis set up an ambush, and when the American flyer lands to meet Marie, they both get taken. 


Von Ekt could kill Marie at this point.  You'd think he would, after all the problems she has caused him during her run.  But he doesn't, he just gasses them, and has them brought to his base, where he is about to release a bunch of super-tanks. Only then does he order Mademoiselle Marie shot.  She wants a goodbye kiss from the American, but uses that as a diversion to attack the Nazis. They blow up the super-tanks and get away. 


The series comes to a hugely disappointing note, as Marie gets all stressed out about how she looks.  Really?  That's not the Marie we have come to know. Von Ekt, having missed his chance to kill Marie, is likely brought back to Berlin and shot for being such an idiot.

Despite the brevity of her run, Mademoiselle Marie would become a regular supporting character throughout the DC war books, popping up in virtually every other long running war series, beginning with Sgt. Rock, a couple of years down the road in the pages of Our Army at War.

Mademoiselle Marie: Star Spangled War Stories 89 – 91 (Feb/March – June/July 60)

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