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Justice League vs Suicide Squad #5 Review
By Deejay Dayton
Jan 18, 2017 - 8:13

DC Comics
Writer(s): Joshua Williamson
Penciller(s): Robson Rocha
Inker(s): Jay Leisten, Daniel Henriques, Sandu Florea, Oclair Albert
Colourist(s): Alex Sinclair, Jeremiah Skipper
Letterer(s): Rob Leigh
Cover Artist(s): Robson Rocha, Daneil Henriques, Andy Kubert, Brad Anderson, Amanda Conner, Laura Martin
$2.99 32 pages

In a way, Justice League vs Suicide Squad #5 is a bit of a breather, setting things up for the grand finale. That is not to say that there is no action in this issue. Indeed, within the first couple of pages Maxwell Lord and his Eclipso-possessed Justice League manage to conquer the US.

What I am really referring to is that, with this issue, the overall structure of the entire miniseries becomes clear, and my appreciation for the earlier issues has increased.

Joshua Williamson has pulled off one of those almost impossible endeavours. Six issues of the two teams fighting against each other, which fulfills all the expectations one would have for that, as well as adding in a completely separate group of villains, and bringing back one of the real power players on the side of evil in the DC universe.

We have seen the members of the Justice League and Suicide Squad interact in a variety of ways, seen sides of characters that were not expected. Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman seem to be forming a real bond, which is just bizarre, and the Enchantress has been used better than she has been in a very long time.

Maxwell Lord is now completely under Eclipso’s control, although he certainly doesn’t see things that way. A particularly nice touch from this story illustrates how Eclipso deludes those he controls, making them think they are achieving some noble goal while really furthering his dark ends.


Most of the rest of the League are the pawns of Lord and Eclipso by this point. Batman is “safe,” with the other members of the Suicide Squad, and Cyborg’s artificial side is able to withstand Eclipso’s possession, long enough for him to lay out the situation to the few remaining who can take action to stop it.

I was almost ready to cheer at the end of this issue, as Batman informs the Squad members who are about to follow him into battle against his possessed former teammates that these villains are no longer in the Suicide Squad. For the moment, they are the Justice League.

Rating: 10/10

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