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Deadman #2 Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love review
By Deejay Dayton
Dec 11, 2016 - 21:35

DC Comics
Writer(s): Sarah Vaughn
Penciller(s): Lan Medina
Inker(s): Lan Medina, Phil Hester
Colourist(s): Jose Villarrubia
Cover Artist(s): Stephanie Hans
50 pages

Deadman continues to unfold as a wonderful gothic romance tale in the second issue.  I am very glad that this book is of longer length, as it gives Sarah Vaughn the time and space to gradually unfold the story.  Mood and tone are as important to a gothic tale as the plot is, and this miniseries has been impressive right from the get go.

This issue goes into the backstory of Adelia, the ghost trapped in the house.  As with any decent gothic tale, the construction of the house itself is an integral part of the story, and we learn how the home was built for Adelia, but she died a violent death before she could enjoy it.

The mysteries build in this issue, rather than getting explained and resolved.  But the story is crafted well enough, and the art so lovely to look at, that this is not a detriment in any way.

The story also winds up becoming an enjoyable twist on the normal type of Deadman tale.  He and Adelia are trapped in the house, unable to leave, and so he must rely on the one living person who can see him, Berenice, to figure out what is causing that situation.

Berenice herself is trapped in a romantic triangle.  Her boyfriend, Nathan, has been so committed to his work that he has been neglecting her, and she has found solace with Sam.  But just as things heat up in that direction, Nathan proposes.

All the plots and high emotions reach their climax as this issue comes to a close, and there are some very effective pages where the art goes wild.
I’m really looking forward to how this all plays out in the finale.

Rating: 9/10

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